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major histocompatibility complex; immunodeficiency; immunoglobulins; IgA

Summary: Key words:
major histocompatibility complex;
immunodeficiency; immunoglobulins; IgA
deficiency; IgG subclass deficiency; extended
This work was supported by grants HL-29583
and AI-14157 from the National Institutes of
Health. We thank Carroll Goldsmith, Sharon
Alosco, Susan Mitchell, Peggy O'Donnell, and Lisa
Bernhard for excellent technical assistance. The
authors especially thank Dr. Charles E. Larsen for
his thoughtful comments. They also thank Drs.
Fred S. Rosen, Devendra P. Dubey, Keith
Crawford, Gabriel Uko, John Xu, and Robert C.
Elston for their valuable critical comments. Dr.
Uko calculated the confidence limits for the odds
ratios. This paper is dedicated to the memory
of the late Dr. David H. Bing.
Received 18 November 1999, revised,


Source: Alper, Chester A. - Immune Disease Institute, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine