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Lyapunov-based switching supervisory control of nonlinear uncertain systems

Summary: Lyapunov-based switching supervisory control of nonlinear
uncertain systems 
David Angeli and Edoardo Mosca
Dip. Sistemi e Informatica
University of Firenze
Abstract The problem of controlling nonlinear noisy systems a ected by parametric uncertainties
is approached via the introduction of a supervisor which switches on, in feedback to the plant, one
controller selected from a nite set of predesigned controllers. A Lyapunov-based falsi cation cri-
terion allows one to ensure robust stability in the presence of uncertain constant parameters and
exogenous bounded disturbances.
1 Introduction
One of the well-estabilished approaches for dealing in control with plant model uncertainty is the
introduction of adaptation in the feedback loop [2]. However, conventional continuous adaptation is
not always capable of performing satisfactorily. This may be particulartly true whenever the plant
switches among di erent modes of operation or if closed-loop signals are not suĂciently exciting. In
both circumstances undesirable transients may typically arise due to slow adaptation.
In recent years, switching supervisory control (SSC) has emerged as an alternative approach for
tackling the problem with the appealing feature of resembling an adaptive version of classic gain-


Source: Angeli, David - Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze


Collections: Engineering