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Characterization of UWB Transmit-Receive Antenna System Alireza H. Mohammadian

Summary: Characterization of UWB Transmit-Receive Antenna System
Alireza H. Mohammadian
, Amol Rajkotia, and Samir S. Soliman
QUALCOMM Incorporated, 5775 Morehouse Drive, San Diego, CA 92130
E-mail: ahm@qualcomm.com
Abstract ­ An ultra-wide-band (UWB), stripline-fed Vivaldi
antenna is characterized both numerically and experimentally.
Three-dimensional far-field measurements are conducted and
accurate antenna gain and efficiency as well as gain variation
versus frequency in the boresight direction are measured. Using
two Vivaldi antennas, a free-space communication link is set up.
The impulse response of the cascaded antenna system is obtained
using full-wave numerical electromagnetic time-domain
simulations. These results are compared with frequency-domain
measurements using a network analyzer. Full-wave numerical
simulation of the free-space channel is performed using a two step
process to circumvent the computationally intense simulation
problem. Vector transfer function concept is used to obtain the
overallsystemtransferfunctionand theimpulseresponse.


Source: Arslan, Hüseyin - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


Collections: Engineering