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Improving Speaker Training with Interactive Lectures Mathias Klsch, Kristian Kvilekval, Kevin Almeroth

Summary: Improving Speaker Training with Interactive Lectures
Mathias Kölsch, Kristian Kvilekval, Kevin Almeroth
Department of Computer Science
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA
Abstract: Feedback has always been a cornerstone of the learning process. Advances in mobile
devices and wireless connectivity promise closer and better feedback between speakers and audiences.
In this paper we discuss a system allowing both real-time and reflective feedback for speakers. By
means of online video annotations the audience can augment a lecture with personal notes and give
the speaker valuable feedback both instantaneously and retrospectively. The strengths and weaknesses
of the system based on lecture hall experiments are presented and discussed.
The technology is in place to record lectures and seminars in computer readable format, to unify audiences from
different physical locations into one virtual lecture hall, and to give the audience tools that can be used to interact
with a lecture. The advantages that these developments bring with it have not been explored to their full extent. The
Collaborative Technologies Laboratory (CTL) [5] project at the University of California at Santa Barbara
investigates how the learning and teaching experience may be enhanced with these technological advances.
This brief paper discusses a system built to be used in the CTL to provide real-time and reflective feedback for
speakers as well as annotations of video-recorded lectures for personal review. We also present preliminary lessons


Source: Almeroth, Kevin C. - Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences