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(8, 22). Krill distributions are, however, notori-ously patchy (23), and point estimates of abun-

Summary: (8, 22). Krill distributions are, however, notori-
ously patchy (23), and point estimates of abun-
dance are unlikely to be representative of the
regional mean. Previous studies comparing krill
densities in open and ice-covered waters based
on extrapolations from point samples reach
contrary conclusions, highlighting shortcom-
ings of these approaches. Netting surveys have
suggested both that krill density is elevated
under sea ice compared with that in open water
(10) and that there is no difference in density
(24). Spot acoustic observations in the same
area found highest krill densities in open water
most distant from the sea-ice edge (8). Ship-
based continuous line-transect acoustic surveys
have been used to estimate krill density in open
water north of the sea-ice edge. A survey in the
Weddell Sea (9) found a mean krill density near
the ice edge of 23.2 g m 2
, which is similar to


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


Collections: Biotechnology