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IEEE Communications Magazine October 200694 INTERNET TECHNOLOGY

Summary: IEEE Communications Magazine October 200694
he fourth generation (4G) of wireless communications is
expected to integrate a potentially large number of het-
erogeneous wireless technologies in what could be considered
a huge step forward toward universal seamless access. One of
the main challenges for seamless mobility is the availability of
reliable horizontal (intrasystem) and vertical (intersystem)
handoff schemes. Efficient handoff schemes enhance the qual-
ity of service (QoS) and provide flawless mobility. In the first
article, N. Nasser, A. Hasswa, and H. Hassanein present dif-
ferent and novel aspects of handoff and discusses handoff
related issues of 4G systems. Desirable handoff features in 4G
heterogeneous networks are presented. They also consider
handoff decisions, radio link transfer, and channel assignment
as stages of the complete handoff process. A vertical handoff
decision function, VHDF, which enables devices to assign
weights to different network parameters, is also presented.
The second article discusses minimum interference routing


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences