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An Argumentative Multi-Agent System for Ambient Assisted Living

Summary: An Argumentative Multi-Agent System for
Ambient Assisted Living
Andrés Muñoz Juan Carlos Augusto Juan A. Botía Blaya
Dpto. Ingeniería para la Información School of Computing Dpto. Ingeniería para la Información
y las Comunicaciones and Mathematics y las Comunicaciones
University of Murcia, Spain University of Ulster, UK University of Murcia, Spain
amunoz@um.es jc.augusto@ulster.ac.uk juanbot@um.es
An important research line in Intelligent En-
vironments focuses on providing Ambient As-
sisted Living (AAL) systems to foster an inde-
pendent and autonomous living of elderly peo-
ple. Such systems help to monitor the ongoing
situations of these people and they can be also
employed to detect unsafe situations. One of
the main challenges these systems have to cope
with is their observation of the world through
incomplete, sometimes unreliable, sensing de-
vices. This handicap leads to uncertain, in-
consistent and incomplete perceptions of the


Source: Augusto, Juan Carlos - School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster at Jordanstown


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences