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Verification of Probabilistic Systems with Faulty Communication #

Summary: Verification of Probabilistic Systems with
Faulty Communication #
P. A. Abdulla a , N. Bertrand b ,
A. M. Rabinovich c , and Ph. Schnoebelen b
a Uppsala University, Sweden
b LSV, CNRS & ENS de Cachan, France
c Tel Aviv University, Israel
Many protocols are designed to operate correctly even in the case where the under­
lying communication medium is faulty. To capture the behavior of such protocols,
Lossy Channel Systems (LCS's) have been proposed. In an LCS the communication
channels are modeled as unbounded FIFO bu#ers which are unreliable in the sense
that they can nondeterministically lose messages.
Recently, several attempts have been made to study Probabilistic Lossy Channel
Systems (PLCS's) in which the probability of losing messages is taken into account.
In this article, we consider a variant of PLCS's which is more realistic than those
studied previously. More precisely, we assume that during each step in the execution
of the system, each message may be lost with a certain predefined probability.
We show that for such systems the following model­checking problem is decidable:
to verify whether a linear­time property definable by a finite­state #­automaton


Source: Abdulla, Parosh Aziz - Department of Information Technology, Uppsala Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences