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On power-of-choice in downlink transmission Murat Alanyali and Maxim Dashouk

Summary: On power-of-choice in downlink transmission
Murat Alanyali and Maxim Dashouk
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University, Boston, MA 02215
Email:{alanyali, maxim}@bu.edu
Abstract-- A low-complexity guiding principle is considered
for transmission scheduling from n homogeneous queues whose
channel states fluctuate independently. The scheduler transmits
from a longest queue within d randomly chosen queues with
eligible channel states. A Markovian model is studied where
mean packet transmission time is n-1
and packet arrival rate is
< 1 per queue. Equilibrium distribution of queue occupancy
is obtained in the limit as n and it is shown to have tails
that decay as ((/d)k
). If transmissions are scheduled from a
longest eligible queue in the entire system then almost all queues
are empty in equilibrium; the number of queues with one packet
is (1) and the number of queues with more than one packet is


Source: Alanyali, Murat - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering