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Dr Joe Viana School of Management

Summary: Dr Joe Viana
School of Management
- Post-doctoral researcher,
University of Southampton's
Care Life Cycle Project
Learning to model and analyse healthcare
Southampton born and bred, Joe Viana stayed in the city throughout
his time in higher education. His first degree was a BSc in Sport and
Health Science with Psychological Studies, prompted by his love of
sport. He then decided to take his first postgraduate qualification
while was working as a trainee accountant.
"As part of my accountancy course, we had to do some modules in
management subjects, which I found very interesting, so I thought I
would go back to study," he explains. "Southampton was an obvious
choice when I was considering a master's degree in Management
Science. I knew the academics in this area are among the leaders in
their field and the subject would also introduce me to Operational
Research (OR), which would be valuable in my career."
OR, "the science of better", uses management science techniques and
computer modelling to analyse systems and come up with


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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