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Using the extensible model checker XTL to verify StAC Business Specifications

Summary: Using the extensible model checker XTL
to verify StAC Business Specifications
Juan C. Augusto, Michael Leuschel, Michael Butler, Carla Ferreira
Department of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton,
e-mail: {jca, mal, mjb, cf}@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Abstract. StAC is a business specification language that has been de-
veloped as part of a partnership program between IBM UK Labs. and
the University of Southampton. It is highly desirable for Business spec-
ification languages like StAC to have a way to explore the correctness
of specifications. We provide some details about how XTL can provide
model checking capabilities for StAC and why it proved to be more suc-
cessful than SPIN and STeP in that sense.
1 Introduction
Because of their complexity, business transactions are prone to failure in many
ways. For example, a request that normally is satisfied under certain conditions
can be unexpectedly rejected. That can be experienced in daily life when the
book we requested on the web is not anymore in stock, when our trip is cancelled,
or when an appointment we scheduled cannot be made effective.
However systems are normally built considering the normal and expected


Source: Augusto, Juan Carlos - School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Ulster at Jordanstown


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences