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Journal of Materials Processing Technology 183 (2007) 7787 Analytical modelling of residual stresses in machining

Summary: Journal of Materials Processing Technology 183 (2007) 77­87
Analytical modelling of residual stresses in machining
D. Ulutan, B. Erdem Alaca, I. Lazoglu
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Koc University, Rumeli Feneri Yolu, Sariyer, Istanbul 34450, Turkey
Received 10 January 2006; received in revised form 25 September 2006; accepted 29 September 2006
An analytical model is developed for prediction of residual stresses in machining. In the thermo-mechanical model of residual stresses both
the thermal field of the workpiece and mechanical cutting forces are coupled. The shear energy created in the primary shear zone, the friction
energy produced at the rake face­chip contact zone, the heat balance between the chip, tool and workpiece are considered based on the first law
of thermodynamics. The temperature distributions on the workpiece, tool and chip are solved by using finite difference method. The calculated
workpiece temperature field is used in thermal load calculations. Stresses resulting from thermal and mechanical loading are computed using an
analytical elasto-plastic model and a relaxation procedure. The model is verified with experimental measurements of residual stresses on bearing
steel 100Cr6 (JIS SUJ2) in the literature. With the analytical model presented here, substantial reduction in computational time is achieved in the
predictions of residual stresses.
© 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Residual stress; Machining; Temperature; Force; Finite difference method; Plasticity
1. Introduction
It is well known that machining processes such as turning,
milling and drilling, create undesirable tensile residual stresses
on the surface of workpieces leading to a reduction in the fatigue


Source: Alaca, B. Erdem - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Koc University


Collections: Engineering