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Action selection and refinement in subcortical loops through basal

Summary: 10
Action selection and refinement in
subcortical loops through basal
ganglia and cerebellum
James C. Houk
Subcortical loops through the basal ganglia and cerebellum form computationally pow-
erful distributed processing modules (DPMs). This chapter relates the computational
features ofa DPM's loop through the basal ganglia to experimental results for two kinds
ofnatural action selection. First, data from both monkeys and humans in a step-tracking
task were used to decipher the neural mechanisms that underlie the detection of move-
ment errors leading to selection ofcorrective movements called submovements. Second,
functional brain imaging of human subjects during a serial-order recall task was used
to study brain activity associated with decoding a sequence of actions from informa-
tion held in working memory. Our DPM-based model assists in the interpretation of
puzzling data from both of these experiments. These analyses lead to a broad discus-
sion cf the DPM concept and how it relates to neuroscience, modularity, engineering,
evolution, mathematical recursion, agent-based modelling, Bayesian computations, and
brain disorders. The loops through basal ganglia and cerebellum profit from exceptional


Source: Apkarian, A. Vania - Department of Physiology, Northwestern University


Collections: Biology and Medicine