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Separation Logic for Small-step Cminor Andrew W. Appel1,

Summary: Separation Logic for Small-step Cminor
Andrew W. Appel1,
and Sandrine Blazy2,
Princeton University
Abstract. Cminor is a mid-level imperative programming language;
there are proved-correct optimizing compilers from C to Cminor and
from Cminor to machine language. We have redesigned Cminor so that
it is suitable for Hoare Logic reasoning and we have designed a Sepa-
ration Logic for Cminor. In this paper, we give a small-step semantics
(instead of the big-step of the proved-correct compiler) that is moti-
vated by the need to support future concurrent extensions. We detail
a machine-checked proof of soundness of our Separation Logic. This is
the first large-scale machine-checked proof of a Separation Logic w.r.t. a
small-step semantics. The work presented in this paper has been carried
out in the Coq proof assistant. It is a first step towards an environment
in which concurrent Cminor programs can be verified using Separation
Logic and also compiled by a proved-correct compiler with formal end-


Source: Appel, Andrew W. - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences