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Control System Synthesis Through Inductive Learning

Summary: Control System Synthesis
Through Inductive Learning
of Boolean Concepts
Michael Lemmon, PanosAntsaklis,Xiaojun Yang, and CostantinoLucisano
n control, learning is often used to identify a single controller
Isatisfying a particular performance measure. In certain cases,
however, it is desirable to identifythe set of all controllers which
ensure that the controlled plant satisfies a control property such
as Lyapunov stability,robust stability,or robust performance. A
set of procedures identifying such sets of admissible solutions
can be devised using boolean concept learning algorithms. Re-
cent years have witnessed considerable interest in this type of
learning procedure in the field of computational learning. The
objective of this article is to provide some examples illustrating
how boolean concept learning can be used in control systems.
The first example examined in this article uses concept learning
to identify the set of stabilizing controllers for certain classes of
linear time-invariant plants. Another example illustrates the use
of concept learning in the identification of discrete event system
(DES) controllers.


Source: Antsaklis, Panos - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


Collections: Engineering