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Live Help Systems: An Approach to Intelligent Help for Web Information

Summary: Live Help Systems: An Approach to
Intelligent Help for Web Information
Johan °Aberg
Since the creation of the World-Wide Web we have seen a great growth
in the complexity of Web sites. There has also been a large expansion in
number of Web sites and in amount of usage. As a consequence, more and
more Web site users are having problems accomplishing their tasks, and it
is increasingly important to provide them with support.
Our research approach to online help for Web site users is the intro-
duction and study of what we call live help systems. A live help system
is an intelligent help system which integrates human experts in the process
of advice giving by allowing users to communicate with dedicated expert
assistants through the help system. Traditional fully automatic intelligent
help systems have several common problems. For example, there are prob-
lems with large system complexity, knowledge engineering bottlenecks, and
credibility. We hypothesise that live help systems, offer a solution to these
Our aim with this thesis is to explore the design, technical feasibility,


Source: Aberg, Johan - Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköpings Universitet


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences