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The Belle Silicon Vertex Detector Hiroaki Aihara

Summary: The Belle Silicon Vertex Detector
Hiroaki Aihara
Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113­0033, Japan
The silicon vertex detector of the Belle experiment was built primarily to provide
the vertex information of B meson decays at the KEKB accelerator. It consists of
three cylindrical layers of double sided, double metal silicon sensors read out by
VA1 chips. The analog signals are transmitted to a system of fast analog­to­digital
converters and are reduced on a system based on Motorola Digital Signal Processors.
Performance during the initial data taking periods and a brief description of the
upgrade plan are also presented.
Key words: Belle, KEKB, B­factory, Silicon vertex detector
1 Introduction
The Silicon Vertex Detector (SVD) of the Belle experiment at the KEKB ac­
celerator was built to provide vertex information from precision measurements
of charged tracks in the vicinity of the interaction point. Because the KEKB
is an asymmetric e + e - collider with 8 GeV e - and 3.5 GeV e + beams, a pair
of B and B mesons, produced nearly at rest at the center of mass system
(CMS), was boosted along the e - beam direction with a Lorentz boost fac­
tor of ## = 0.425. Therefore, in designing the SVD a special emphasis was


Source: Aihara, Hiroaki - Department of Physics, University of Tokyo


Collections: Physics