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3.4.1 Admissions Admissions to the B.Sc. Program

Summary: 3.4.1 Admissions Admissions to the B.Sc. Program
The standards for undergraduate admissions to the departments of the Faculty of
Exact Sciences are set on the Faculty level and are controlled by a weighted average
of the following grades: "bagrut" high school matriculation exams (40%), the
psychometric exam (40%), the bagrut in mathematics (10%), and the score on the
quantitative section of the psychometric exam (10%). Thus a low score on one of
these tests can be counterweighed by high scores in the other parameters.
The admission threshold is 60 for the two expanded tracks (pure and applied
mathematics) and 55 for the regular and minor tracks and the expanded track in
mathematics and statistics. There is no probationary admission and no affirmative
action or preference shown to any sector of the population. About 40% of the students
are women, but this is a matter of self-selection. Gender is not a factor in the
admissions process.
The admission thresholds for the other departments in the Faculty are as follows:
Chemistry 56
Computer Science 73
Engineering 66
Optometry 63
Physics 60


Source: Adin, Ron - Department of Mathematics, Bar Ilan University


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