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Live-Vessel: Extending Livewire for Simultaneous Extraction of Optimal Medial and

Summary: Live-Vessel: Extending Livewire for
Simultaneous Extraction of Optimal Medial and
Boundary Paths in Vascular Images
Miranda Poon1
, Ghassan Hamarneh2
, and Rafeef Abugharbieh1
Biomedical Signal and Image Computing Lab, University of British Columbia,
Medical Image Analysis Lab, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Abstract. This paper incorporates multiscale vesselness filtering into
the Livewire framework to simultaneously compute optimal medial axes
and boundaries in vascular images. To this end, we extend the existing
2D graph search to 3D space to optimize not only for spatial variables
(x, y), but also for radius values r at each node. In addition, we minimize
change for both scale and the smallest principle curvature and incorpo-
rate vessel boundary evidence in our optimization. When compared to
two sets of DRIVE expert manual tracings, our proposed technique re-
duced the overall segmentation task time by 68.2%, had a similarity ratio
of 0.772 (0.775 between manual), and was 98.2% reproducible.


Source: Abugharbieh, Rafeef - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British Columbia
Hamarneh, Ghassan - School of Computing Science, Simon Fraser University


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences