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An Automatic Design Optimization Tool and its Application to Computational Fluid Dynamics

Summary: An Automatic Design Optimization Tool
and its Application to Computational Fluid Dynamics
David Abramson , Andrew Lewis , Tom Peachey , Clive Fletcher
Computer Science & Soft. Eng. HPC Facility CANCES,
Monash University, Griffith University, University of New South Wales
CLAYTON, VIC 3800, Nathan, Qld, 4111, Australian Technology Park
Australia Australia. Eveleigh NSW 1430
In this paper we describe the Nimrod/O design optimization tool, and its application in computational fluid
dynamics. Nimrod/O facilitates the use of an arbitrary computational model to drive an automatic
optimization process. This means that the user can parameterise an arbitrary problem, and then ask the tool
to compute the parameter values that minimize or maximise a design objective function. The paper
describes the Nimrod/O system, and then discusses a case study in the evaluation of an aerofoil problem.
The problem involves computing the shape and angle of attack of the aerofoil that maximises the lift to
drag ratio. The results show that our general approach is extremely flexible and delivers better results than a
program that was developed specifically for the problem. Moreover, it only took us a few hours to set up
the tool for the new problem and required no software development.
Computational science and engineering techniques have allowed a major change in the way that products


Source: Abramson, David - Caulfield School of Information Technology, Monash University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences