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Verifying Safety of a Token Coherence Implementation

Summary: 130
Verifying Safety
of a Token Coherence Implementation
by Parametric Compositional Refinement
Sebastian Burckhardt, Rajeev Alur, and Milo M.K. Martin
Department of Computer Science
University of Pennsylvania
Abstract. We combine compositional reasoning and reachability analy-
sis to formally verify the safety of a recent cache coherence protocol. The
protocol is a detailed implementation of token coherence, an approach
that decouples correctness and performance. First, we present a formal
and abstract specification that captures the safety substrate of token co-
herence, and highlights the symmetry in states of the cache controllers
and contents of the messages they exchange. Then, we prove that this
abstract specification is coherent, and check whether the implementa-
tion proposed by the protocol designers is a refinement of the abstract
specification. Our refinement proof is parametric in the number of cache
controllers, and is compositional as it reduces the refinement checks to
individual controllers using a specialized form of assume-guarantee rea-


Source: Alur, Rajeev - Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania, University of - Department of Computer and Information Science, Architecture and Compilers Group


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences