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Physics 181 Exam 2 Practice Dr. S..G. Alexander Miami University

Summary: Physics 181 Exam 2 Practice
Dr. S..G. Alexander Miami University
MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that BEST completes the statement or answers the question, and mark
your scan sheet (only the scan sheet will be graded).
1) A 12 kg block on a table is connected by a string to a 26 kg mass, which is hanging over the edge of the table. If the
12 kg block is 3.1 m from the edge of the table, how much time will pass before the block falls off the table from
when the other block is released? Assume that frictional forces may be neglected.
A) 0.82 s B) 0.96 s C) 0.58 s D) 0.68 s
2) In an amusement park ride passengers stand inside an 8 m radius cylinder. Initially the cylinder rotates with its
axis oriented along the vertical. After the cylinder has acquired sufficient speed, it tilts into a vertical plane, that is,
the axis tilts into the horizontal, as shown in the figure. Suppose that, once the axis has tilted into the horizontal,
the ring rotates once every 4.5 s. If a rider's mass is 70 kg, with how much force does the ring push on her at the top
of the ride?
A) 1100 N B) 410 N C) 690 N D) 1800 N
3) A golf ball of mass 0.050 kg has a velocity of 102 m/s immediately after being struck. If the club and ball were in
contact for 0.59 ms, what is the average force exerted on the ball?
A) 9.7 kN B) 8.6 kN C) 7.5 kN D) 6.7 kN
4) A car heading north collides at an intersection with a truck heading east. If they lock together and travel at 28 m/s
at 46 north of east just after the collision, how fast was the car initially traveling? Assume that the two vehicles
have the same mass.


Source: Alexander, Stephen G. - Department of Physics, Miami University (Ohio)


Collections: Physics