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Copyright Physiologia Plantarum 2001PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 112: 19. 2001 Printed in Ireland--all rights reser6ed ISSN 0031-9317

Summary: Copyright © Physiologia Plantarum 2001PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 112: 1­9. 2001
Printed in Ireland--all rights reser6ed ISSN 0031-9317
Principles of redox control in photosynthesis gene expression
Thomas Pfannschmidta
, John F. Allenb
and Ralf Oelmušllera,
Institute of General Botany, Department of Plant Physiology, Uni6ersity of Jena, Dornburger Str. 159, D-07743 Jena, Germany
Plant Biochemistry, Lund Uni6ersity, Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
*Corresponding author, e-mail: b7oera@hotmail.com
Received 28 August 2000; revised 12 December 2000
Light is one of the most important environmental factors some cases, oxygen acts as a different environmental, light-in-
dependent stimulus of photosynthetic gene expression, provid-influencing gene expression in photosynthetic organisms. In
particular, genes for components of the photosynthetic ma- ing an additional redox signal and a different kind of redox
control. In this review, we summarise present knowledge aboutchinery show light-dependent expression. In recent years, it
has become clear that photosynthesis itself contributes impor- such redox control mechanisms and analyse common proper-
tant signals to this light control of gene expression by means ties as well as differences in the various signalling pathways.


Source: Allen, John F. - School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Queen Mary, University of London


Collections: Renewable Energy; Biology and Medicine