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MATH 446646 (Spring 2007) MWF 12:00-12:50 pm at Morrill Hall 109

Summary: MATH 446646 (Spring 2007)
MWF 12:00-12:50 pm at Morrill Hall 109
Instructor: Maria Alfonseca
Office: Minard 301C
E-mail: maria.alfonseca@ndsu.edu
Phone: 231-8254
Office Hours: MWF 3:00-3:50 and by appointment.
Text: Introduction to Topology by Bert Mendelson, Dover Publications.
Topics: Theory of sets, Metric spaces, Topological spaces and continuous functions, Connect-
edness, Compactness, Homotopy of paths and the fundamental group.
Attendance: Attendance is expected and required. You are responsible for all the material
covered in class and all the assignments and announcements made.
Homework: Homework problems will be assigned at the end of each lecture and collected once
a week. You are highly encouraged to go to my office hours, ask questions in class and discuss
the material with other students.
Quizzes: Several quizzes will be given during the semester. The lowest quiz score will not
contribute to your final grade. There will be no make-ups for missed quizzes.
Exams: There will be two tests and a comprehensive final exam. Make-up exams will only
be given in exceptional circumstances and require prior approval of the instructor. A written
verification for the reason will be required note from a physician, etc.


Source: Alfonseca-Cubero, Maria - Department of Mathematics, North Dakota State University


Collections: Mathematics