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Published in: AI Communications, Vol. 7 Nr. 1, March 1994, pp 39-59 Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issues,

Summary: Published in: AI Communications, Vol. 7 Nr. 1, March 1994, pp 39-59
Case-Based Reasoning: Foundational Issues,
Methodological Variations, and System
Agnar Aamodt
University of Trondheim, College of Arts and Science,
Department of Informatics, N-7055 Dragvoll, Norway.
Phone: +47 73 591838; fax: +47 73 591733;
e-mail: agnar@ifi.unit.no
Enric Plaza
Institut d'Investigaciķ en Intelˇligčncia Artificial, CSIC,
Camí de Santa Bārbara,17300 Blanes, Catalonia, Spain.
e-mail: plaza@ceab.es
Case-based reasoning is a recent approach to problem
solving and learning that has got a lot of attention over the
last few years. Originating in the US, the basic idea and
underlying theories have spread to other continents, and
we are now within a period of highly active research in
case-based reasoning in Europe, as well. This paper gives


Source: Aamodt, Agnar - Department of Computer and Information Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences