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Computing Technology: Created, Fallen, In Need Of Redemption? Joel C. Adams

Summary: Computing Technology: Created, Fallen, In Need Of Redemption?
Joel C. Adams
Department of Computer Science
Calvin College
If we accept the premise that computing technology is a part of the created order, then a
variety of creation-related biblical themes become applicable to computing technology.
In this paper, we explore some of the implications of these themes for computing technology,
particularly the themes of creation-fall-redemption, the cultural mandate, and stewardship.
We also explore two developments in computing technology the evolution of user
interfaces and the evolution of programming languages in the light of these themes.
1 Introduction
God has provided us with (at least) two sources of information about Himself:
The Bible, also known as God's special revelation, and
His creation, also known as God's general revelation.
In this paper, we explore different aspects of computation as revealed in God's revelations.
In section 2, we begin with an argument that computing is a part of God's creation. In
section 3, we apply various creation-related biblical principles to the endeavor of computing,
and illustrate their application to operating systems and programming languages. Section 4
presents our conclusions.


Source: Adams, Joel - Department of Computer Science, Calvin College


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences