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Standard Operating Procedure Use of Hydrofluoric Acid

Summary: Standard Operating Procedure
Use of Hydrofluoric Acid
Facility: CNAM central facility
Physics Bldg, Rm 0357
Physics Department
Lab Director: Ian Appelbaum
Physics Bldg, Rm. 1368
301 405 0890
Scope: This SOP details appropriate safety procedures for the use of hydrofluoric acid in the CNAM
central facility, restricted to those users named in procedures section II.K
Last Revision: February 9, 2009
Hydrofluoric acid (HF) has a number of chemical, physical and toxicological properties that make handling
this material particularly hazardous. Anhydrous HF is a clear, colorless, fuming, corrosive liquid. HF is also
available in the gaseous state. All forms including the solution or the vapor can cause severe burns to
Concentrated hydrofluoric acid is used in the fabrication of electronic components, to etch glass and in the
manufacture of semiconductors. It is also used by geologists to dissolve sedimentary rock. Dilute
hydrofluoric acid solutions are used in some biological staining procedures. Hydrofluoric acid solutions are
clear and colorless with a density similar to that of water. The most widely known property of HF is its ability


Source: Appelbaum, Ian - Department of Physics, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering; Materials Science