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Finding palmitoyl proteins Many cellular proteins, such as G pro-

Summary: Finding palmitoyl proteins
Many cellular proteins, such as G pro-
teins and some nonreceptor tyrosine
kinases, are tethered to the cytoplasmic
sides of cellular membranes by a revers-
ible posttranslational modification
called palmitoylation or protein S-acyla-
tion. Although palmitoylation is a com-
mon lipid modification on proteins, little
is known about it. For example, consen-
sus sequences that would predict which
proteins become modified with palmi-
toyl residues have not been described
in the literature. Current methods for
palmitoyl identification are time-con-
suming and low-throughput.
To date, only 15 proteins of the yeast
Saccharomyces cerevisiae are known to
be modified by palmitoylation. So, Nich-
olas Davis and co-workers at the Wayne


Source: Alon, Uri - Departments of Molecular Cell Biology & Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Biology and Medicine