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Institute for Quantum and Complex Dynamics Annual report, 2005-2006

Summary: Institute for Quantum and Complex Dynamics
Annual report, 2005-2006
Director's statement
This is the first annual report for the Institute for Quantum and Complex Dynamics (IQCD).
This Organized Research Unit (ORU) was previously known as the Institute for Quantum
Engineering, Science and Technology (iQUEST). IQCD remains the only ORU at UCSB with a
broad focus on the so-called "physical sciences." In the richly collaborative atmosphere of
UCSB, IQCD administers interdisciplinary research involving scientists from the Departments of
Chemical Engineering; Chemistry and Biochemistry; Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology;
Electrical and Computer Engineering; Materials; Mathematics; Molecular, Cellular and
Developmental Biology; and Physics.
IQCD changed its name in order to better reflect its unique role in the dynamic and rapidly
evolving research landscape at UCSB. The main intellectual focus is now on dynamics, the
ways in which systems move or evolve in time. Dynamics is a central part of every discipline.
Many experimental and theoretical methods and techniques to study dynamics are shared among
disciplines, and it is thus natural to have an interdisciplinary institute focused on dynamics at
UCSB. The systems under study by many researchers are highly complex (for example,
proteins) and/or sufficiently small as to require quantum mechanics for an accurate description
(for example, electrons in semiconductor devices), hence the name Institute for Quantum and
Complex Dynamics.


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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