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An Adaptive Replication Algorithm in P2P File Systems with Unreliable Nodes

Summary: An Adaptive Replication Algorithm in P2P File Systems with
Unreliable Nodes
Razvan Andonie1,2, Luke Magill3, James Schwing1, Ben Sisson1, and Brandon Wysocki1
1Computer Science Department, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA, USA
2Electronics and Computers Department, Transylvania University of Bra¸sov, Romania
3Intelius Inc., Bellevue, WA, USA
Abstract-- The paper1
focuses on distributed file systems in
P2P networks. We introduce a novel file replication scheme
which is adaptive, reacting to changes in the patterns of
access to the file system by dynamically creating or deleting
replicas. Replication is used to increase data availability
in the presence of site or communication failures and to de-
crease retrieval costs by local access if possible. Our system
is completely decentralized and nodes can be removed/added
dynamically. We also propose an overlay architecture for
file search. This architecture is structured, but also based
on random walk. Our system has a mobile agent which
performs dynamic load-balancing. This agent is event driven
and circulates in the network to find and "destroy" the


Source: Andonie, Razvan - Department of Computer Science, Central Washington University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences