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Nonlinear Predictor-Based Dynamic Resource Allocation Over

Summary: Nonlinear Predictor-Based Dynamic
Resource Allocation Over
Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) Networks:
A Control Theoretical Approach
Si Yin and Nirwan Ansari
Abstract--Most broadband access networks such as pas-
sive optical networks (PONs) adopt the point-to-multipoint
(P2MP) topology. One critical issue in such networks is the
upstream resource management and allocation mechanism.
Nonlinear predictor-based dynamic resource allocation
(NLPDRA) schemes for improving the P2MP network up-
stream transmission efficiency have been investigated in an
ad hoc manner. In this paper, we establish a general state
space model to analyze the controllability and stability of
the NLPDRA schemes from the P2MP network system's
point of view and propose controller design guidelines to
maintain the system stability under different scenarios.
Analytical results show that NLPDRA maintains the P2MP
network system controllability even when the loaded net-
work traffic changes drastically. We further prove that a


Source: Ansari, Nirwan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering