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Real-Time Approximate Sorting for Self Shadowing and Transparency in Hair Erik Sintorn

Summary: Real-Time Approximate Sorting for Self Shadowing and Transparency in Hair
Erik Sintorn
Chalmers University Of Technology
Ulf Assarsson
Chalmers University Of Technology
Figure 1: About half a million line segments rendered with 256 Opacity Map slices and approximate alpha sorting rendered in 7.5 fps.
When rendering materials represented by high frequency geome-
try such as hair, smoke or clouds, standard shadow mapping or
shadow volume algorithms fail to produce good self shadowing re-
sults due to aliasing. Moreover, in all of the aforementioned ex-
amples, properly approximating self shadowing is crucial to getting
realistic results. To cope with this problem, opacity shadow maps
have been used. I.e., an opacity function is rendered into a set of
slices parallel to the light-plane. The original Opacity Shadow Map
technique [Kim and Neumann 2001] requires the geometry to be
rendered once for each slice, making it impossible to render com-
plex geometry into a large set of slices in real time. In this paper
we present a method for sorting n line primitives into s number of


Source: Assarsson, Ulf - Department of Computer Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences