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Directions in Modelling Environments Robert Amor, Godfried Augenbroe*

Summary: Directions in Modelling Environments
Robert Amor·, Godfried Augenbroe*
John Hosking·, Wouter Rombouts*, John Grundy+
·University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
*Technical University of Delft, Delft, The Netherlands
+University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
Schema definition is a vital component in the development of computerised
A/E/C projects, but existing tools to manage this task are limited both in terms of the
scope of problems they can tackle and their integration with each other. This paper
describes a global modelling and development environment for large modelling
projects. This environment provides a total solution from initial design of schemas to
validation, manipulation and navigation through final models. A major benefit of the
described system is the ability to provide multiple views of evolving schemas (or
models) in both graphical and textual forms. This allows modellers to visualise their
schemas and instance models either textually or graphically as desired. The system
automatically maintains the consistency of the information in these views even when
modifications are made in other views. Simple and intuitive view navigation methods
allow required information to be rapidly accessed. The environment supports strict
checking of model instances and schemas in one of the major ISO-standardised
modelling languages now used in product data technology. In this paper we show how


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences