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Numerical Continuation of Periodic Orbits for Harmonically Forced Nonlinear Michael W. Sracic

Summary: Numerical Continuation of Periodic Orbits for Harmonically Forced Nonlinear
Michael W. Sracic
Graduate Research Assistant, Ph.D Candidate
Matthew S. Allen
Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Physics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
534 Engineering Research Building
1500 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
A nonlinear structure will often respond periodically when it is excited with a sinusoidal force. Several methods are available
that can compute the periodic response for various drive frequencies, which is analogous to the frequency response function
for a linear system. The simplest approach would be to compute a sequence of simulations where the equations of motion are
integrated until damping drives the system to steady state, but that approach suffers from a number of drawbacks. Recently,
numerical methods have been proposed that use a solution branch continuation technique to find the free response of


Source: Allen, Matthew S. - Department of Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Engineering