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Scaling Secure Group Communication Systems: Beyond PeertoPeer Yair Amir # Cristina NitaRotaru # Jonathan Stanton + Gene Tsudik #

Summary: Scaling Secure Group Communication Systems: Beyond Peer­to­Peer
Yair Amir # Cristina Nita­Rotaru # Jonathan Stanton + Gene Tsudik #
This paper proposes several integrated security architecture
designs for client­server group communication systems. In an
integrated architecture, security services are implemented in
servers, in contrast to a layered architecture where the same ser­
vices are implemented in clients. We discuss the performance
and accompanying trust issues of each proposed architecture and
present experimental results that demonstrate the superior scala­
bility of an integrated architecture.
1 Introduction
Many routine activities in modern, everyday life involve
the Internet: shopping for goods (such as books, cars, soft­
ware and even groceries), administering bank or credit card
accounts and making financial transfers, participating in
voice or video­conferences, or simply playing games. Most
such activities are in fact supported by collaborative ap­
plications running over an integrated software platform,
namely, a group communication system.


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences