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Sharing Memory with SemiByzantine Clients and Faulty Storage Servers Hagit Attiya

Summary: Sharing Memory with Semi­Byzantine Clients and Faulty Storage Servers
Hagit Attiya
Department of Computer Science, Technion
Amir Bar­Or
Department of Computer Science, Technion
and HP ESDM Laboratory, Haifa
This paper presents several fault­tolerant simulations of
a single­writer multi­reader regular register in storage sys­
tems. One simulation tolerates fail­stop failures of storage
servers and require a majority of nonfaulty servers, while
the other simulation tolerates Byzantine failures and re­
quires that two­thirds of the servers to be nonfaulty. A con­
struction of Afek et al. [2] is used to mask semi­Byzantine
failures of clients that result in erroneous write operations.
The simulations are used to derive Paxos algorithms that
tolerate semi­Byzantine failures of clients as well as fail­
stop or Byzantine failures of storage servers.


Source: Attiya, Hagit - Department of Computer Science, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences