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Proc. of 5th euspen International Conference -Montpellier France -May 2005

Summary: Proc. of 5th
euspen International Conference - Montpellier France - May 2005
A Large Range XY Flexure Stage for Nanopositioning
S. Awtar*, A.H. Slocum**
* Member, American Society for Precision Engineering
** Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
shorya@mit.edu, slocum@mit.edu
This paper presents the design and test results of an XY flexure stage with large
ranges of motion and substantially small error-motions. The flexure topology is
conceived by means of a systematic and symmetric arrangement of double
parallelogram flexure modules. Finite Element Analysis is performed to quantify
the flexure stage performance, which is validated by means of experimental
measurements. The prototype flexure stage of size 300mm x 300mm exhibits a
5mm x 5mm range with cross-axis errors less than 10microns, and motion stage
yaw errors within 5 microradians.
Large range XY flexure stages are important in several applications such as
semiconductor mask and wafer alignments [1], scanning interferometry and


Source: Awtar, Shorya - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan


Collections: Engineering