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Towards the Development of Ubiquitous Middleware Product Lines

Summary: Towards the Development of
Ubiquitous Middleware Product Lines
Sven Apel, Klemens B¨ohm
Department of Computer Science
Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg
email: {apel | kboehm}@iti.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Abstract. Ubiquitous computing is a challenge for the design of middle-
ware. The reasons are resource constraints, mobility, heterogeneity, etc.,
just to name a few. We argue that such middleware has to be tailored
to the application scenario as well as to the target platform. Such tailor-
made middleware has to be built from minimal fine-grained components,
and the system structure must be highly configurable, as we will explain.
We propose to use the well-known mixin layer approach to build the flex-
ible lightweight middleware envisioned. We show that the thoughtful use
of mixin layers is promising in this specific domain and allows to deal
with issues such as device heterogeneity and resource constraints. To do
so, we present the design and implementation of a middleware and three
configurations derived from it. Our evaluation criteria are the number of
supported features and the memory footprint. The middleware configu-
rations derived perform well in these respects.


Source: Apel, Sven - Fakultät für Informatik und Mathematik, Universität Passau


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences