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High-resolution photometric optical monitoring for thin-film deposition

Summary: High-resolution photometric optical monitoring for
thin-film deposition
Rabi Rabady, Kirill Zinoviev, and Ivan Avrutsky
Real-time monitoring of thin-film deposition with high resolution is important for precise fabrication of
thin-film devices in a technological environment with ever-increasing demands for smaller size and better
performance. Using photometry, we were able to achieve a real-time optical monitoring resolution of
film thickness that is comparable with a single atomic layer scale i.e., subnanometer . Filtering noise
efficiently and compensating for sources of error by use of an appropriate model produced this high
resolution. The procedure proved reliable and can be useful in the thin-film-deposition industry.
2004 Optical Society of America
OCIS codes: 300.6320, 240.0310, 310.1860, 290.3030.
1. Introduction
Real-time optical monitoring of thin-film deposition is
an important goal. Realizing a high level of resolu-
tion is significant and can be useful in providing
precise control of film deposition for better thin-film-
device performance. Two well-known methods are
currently used for optical monitoring of thin-film dep-
osition: ellipsometry and photometry.18 Ellipsom-
etry relies on changes in the state of polarization that


Source: Avrutsky, Ivan - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Wayne State University


Collections: Engineering