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ART 3010 Advanced Drawing -Syllabus Instructor: Christopher Hocking

Summary: ART 3010 Advanced Drawing - Syllabus
Instructor: Christopher Hocking
Location: Office Hrs: by appt.
email chocking@uga.edu
Course Description Drawing Studio 3010
Prerequisite: ARST 2010
Do you want to make a drawing using only magnifying glasses, draw images on the head
of a match, or just render flesh towards the ethereal? This course is about making the
transition from group-structured problem solving art activities toward developing critical
thinking skills that lead to more personal, self-disciplined and self-directed art. Emphasis will
be placed on the spirit of exploration, the experiential and experimental approaches that
will enhance effective concept development and visual communication. This studio lab
class will examine various strategies of 20th century modernism and 21st century
postmodernism and their utilization in the studio for personal expression. The introduction of
these stylistic and conceptual concerns will broaden your critical thinking skills, develop your
researching procedures, and enhance your ability to transfer ideas into alternative
directions. Any assignments will be accompanied by a thorough explanation of directions
and goals, artistic and social precedents, and media to be considered. Group critiques will
be scheduled at the end of most project periods.
Advanced Drawing will also enable the intermediate/advanced student to begin to


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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