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Distributed Rule-Regulated Spectrum Sharing Lili Cao and Haitao Zheng *

Summary: 1
Distributed Rule-Regulated Spectrum Sharing
Lili Cao and Haitao Zheng *
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 U.S.A
Email: {lilicao,htzheng}@cs.ucsb.edu
Abstract--Dynamic spectrum access is a promising technique
to use spectrum efficiently. Without being restricted to any
prefixed spectrum bands, nodes choose operating spectrum on-
demand. Such flexibility, however, makes efficient and fair
spectrum access in large-scale networks a great challenge. Prior
work in this area focused on explicit coordination where nodes
communicate with peers to modify local spectrum allocation, and
may heavily stress the communication resource. In this paper, we
introduce a distributed spectrum management architecture where
nodes share spectrum resource fairly by making independent
actions following spectrum rules. We present five spectrum rules
to regulate node behavior and maximize system fairness and
spectrum utilization, and analyze the associated complexity and
overhead. We show analytically and experimentally that the


Source: Almeroth, Kevin C. - Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences