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Multi-Agent Argumentation for eDemocracy Katie Atkinson a

Summary: Multi-Agent Argumentation for eDemocracy
Katie Atkinson a
Trevor Bench-Capon a
Peter McBurney a
Department of Computer Science, Chadwick Building
University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 3BX, UK.
In this paper we discuss how a computational version of argumentation involving practical reasoning
can be applied to the domain of e-democracy. We begin with a discussion of practical reasoning in general
and we draw attention to differences between practical reasoning and reasoning about beliefs. We suggest
that practical arguments should be treated as a species of presumptive reasoning, best handled using ar-
gument schemes and associated critical questions, in order to justify a proposal for action. We extend the
argument scheme for practical reasoning and its critical questions proposed by Walton. We further explain
how this proposal can be made computational for use by BDI agents and we illustrate the approach with
an example application of a recent political debate involving the government's justification of a proposed
action. We also examine how this application compares with a previously implemented system which
makes use of the same underlying theory.
1 Introduction


Source: Atkinson, Katie - Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool
McBurney, Peter - Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences