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Multifunctional nanotubes Water-Dispersible, Multifunctional, Magnetic,

Summary: Multifunctional nanotubes
Water-Dispersible, Multifunctional, Magnetic,
Luminescent Silica-Encapsulated Composite Nanotubes
Hongjun Zhou, Jingyi Chen, Eli Sutter, Mikhail Feygenson, M. C. Aronson, and
Stanislaus S. Wong*
Amultifunctional one-dimensional nanostructure incorporating both CdSe
quantum dots (QDs) and Fe3O4 nanoparticles (NPs) within a SiO2-
nanotube matrix is successfully synthesized based on the self-assembly of
preformed functional NPs, allowing for control over the size and amount of
NPs contained within the composite nanostructures. This specific nanos-
tructure is distinctive because both the favorable photoluminescent and
magnetic properties of QD and NP building blocks are incorporated and
retained within the final silica-based composite, thus rendering it susceptible
to both magnetic guidance and optical tracking. Moreover, the resulting
hydrophilic nanocomposites are found to easily enter into the interiors of
HeLa cells without damage, thereby highlighting their capability not only as
fluorescent probes but also as possible drug-delivery vehicles of interest in
1. Introduction
The translational trajectory of nanomaterials from a matter


Source: Aronson, Meigan - Department of Physics and Astronomy, SUNY at Stony Brook


Collections: Materials Science; Physics