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The Optical Very Large Array project (OVLA): a concept for kilometric

Summary: The Optical Very Large Array project
(OVLA): a concept for kilometric
ground-based hypertelescopes
O. Lardi`ere1
, J. Dejonghe1
, L. Arnold2
and A. Labeyrie1
LISE - Coll`ege de France, Observatoire de Haute-Provence, France
CNRS, Observatoire de Haute-Provence, France
Abstract: The Optical Very Large Array (OVLA) concept initially proposed by Labeyrie in 1987
became a generic concept for kilometric arrays of telescopes, now considered for various projects
such as KEOPS (Vakili et al.) or ELSA (Quirrenbach). As the effective aperture of a CARLINA-
type hypertelescope seems to be limited to several hectometers, we show here how to combine the
advantages of the hypertelescope beam combination with those of OVLA, in order to design large
ground-based kilometric hypertelescopes opening new capabilities for analyzing extra-solar planets
and faint extragalactic sources.
1 Introduction
Proposed by Labeyrie in 1987, the OVLA project was the first proposal for a giant multi-


Source: Arnold, Luc - Observatoire de Haute-Provence
Lardière, Olivier - Observatoire de Haute-Provence


Collections: Physics