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Virtual Experiments on Complex Materials Gary W Delaney

Summary: Virtual Experiments on Complex Materials
Gary W Delaney
, Shio Inagaki, T. Di Matteo and Tomaso Aste
Department of Applied Mathematics,
The Australian National University, Australia
We investigate complex materials by performing "Virtual Experiments" starting
from three-dimensional images of grain packs obtained by X-ray CT imaging [1]. We
apply this technique to granular materials by reconstructing a numerical samples of
ideal spherical beads with desired (and tunable) properties. The resulting "virtual
packing" has a structure that is almost identical to the experimental one. However,
from such a digital duplicate we can calculate several static and dynamical properties
(e.g. the force network, avalanche precursors, stress paths, stability, fragility, etc.)
which are otherwise not directly accessible from experiments. Our simulation code
handles three-dimensional spherical grains and it takes into account repulsive elastic
normal forces, frictional tangential forces, viscous damping and gravity. The system
can be both simulated within a vessel or with periodic boundary conditions.
We are surrounded in our everyday lives by granular matter, with a great many im-
portant natural systems, such as sand and soil, being composed of granular packings [2].
They are also of great industrial importance, with granular packings playing an important


Source: Aste, Tomaso - Department of Applied Mathematics, Australian National University
Di Matteo, Tiziana - Department of Mathematics, King's College London


Collections: Materials Science; Mathematics; Physics