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On the Implementation Complexity of Speci cations of Concurrent Programs

Summary: On the Implementation Complexity of
Speci cations of Concurrent Programs
Paul C. Attie 1
College of Computer Science, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, Cambridge, MA
Abstract. We present a decision algorithm for the following problem:
given a speci cation, does there exist a concurrent program which both
satis es the speci cation and which can be implemented in hardware-
available operations in a straightforward manner, i.e, without long cor-
rectness proofs, and without introducing excessive blocking and/or cen-
tralization? In case our decision algorithm answers \yes," we also present
a synthesis method to produce such a program. We consider speci ca-
tions expressed in branching time temporal logic. Our result gives a way
of classifying speci cations as either \easy to implement" or \diĘcult to
implement," and can be regarded as the rst step towards a notion of
\implementation complexity" of speci cations.
1 Introduction
One of the major approaches to the construction of correct concurrent programs


Source: Attie, Paul - Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences