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vol. 166, no. 1 the american naturalist july 2005 Notes and Comments

Summary: vol. 166, no. 1 the american naturalist july 2005
Notes and Comments
Species Coexistence and Pathogens with Frequency-Dependent Transmission
Volker H. W. Rudolf * and Janis Antonovics
Department of Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,
Virginia 22904-4327
Submitted December 14, 2004; Accepted March 17, 2005;
Electronically published April 21, 2005
abstract: Pathogens that infect multiple hosts are commonlytrans-
mitted by vectors, and their transmission rate is often thought to
depend on the proportion of hosts or vectors infected (i.e., frequency
dependence). A model of a two-host, one-pathogen system with
frequency-dependent transmission is used to investigate how sharing
a pathogen with an alternative host influences pathogen-mediated
extinction. The results show that if there is frequency-dependent
transmission, a host can be rescued from pathogen-mediated ex-
tinction by the presence of a second host with which it shares a
pathogen. The study provides an important conceptual counter-
example to the idea that shared pathogens necessarily result in ap-
parent competition by showing that shared pathogens can mediate


Source: Antonovics, Janis - Department of Biology, University of Virginia


Collections: Biology and Medicine