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HighLevel Methods for Quantum Computation and Information Samson Abramsky

Summary: High­Level Methods for Quantum Computation and Information
Samson Abramsky
Oxford University Computing Laboratory
1. Background
Quantum information and computation is concerned
with the use of quantum­mechanical systems to carry out
computational and information­processing tasks [18]. In
the few short years that this approach has been studied, a
number of remarkable concepts and results have emerged,
most notably:
 A couple of spectacular algorithms --- Shor's
polynomial­time algorithm for prime factorization
[23] and Grover's sub­linear search algorithm [14].
 A number of information protocols, exemplified by
quantum teleportation, which exploit quantum entan­
glement in an essential fashion. We give a thumbnail
sketch of teleportation here, since it may be less famil­
iar, and it will serve as a useful motivating example.
Teleportation uses just two classical bits to transport
an unknown qubit q from one site to another. Since a


Source: Abramsky, Samson - Computing Laboratory, University of Oxford


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences