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ELETTRAHIGHLIGHTS2010-2011 a link between corrugation and thermal

a link between corrugation and thermal
e report about a novel approach, based on the combined use of synchrotron radiation-
experimental (empty circles) and the simulated C 1s spectrum (solid line); below is shown the calculated spectral distribution originated by the
graphene has attracted a
of nanotechnology due to its
strength of the graphene-substrate
interaction and its thermally-induced
only the electronic, chemical and
geometrical structure of the carbon
layer, but also its heat transport
properties of the carbon sheet and its
arises from the strain caused by the
investigation of the properties of
The combined use of core level
photoelectron spectroscopy and
thermal stability and to shed light
on the microscopic mechanisms
involved in the carbon layer


Source: Alfè, Dario - Departments of Earth Sciences & Physics and Astronomy, University College London


Collections: Physics; Geosciences