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StateBased Model Checking of EventDriven System Requirements Joanne M. Atlee

Summary: State­Based Model Checking of Event­Driven System Requirements
Joanne M. Atlee
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
John Gannon \Lambda
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland
August 28, 1992
In this paper, we demonstrate how model checking can be used to verify safety properties for event­
driven systems. SCR tabular requirements describe required system behavior in a format that is intuitive,
easy to read, and scalable to large systems (e.g., the software requirements for the A7 aircraft). Model
checking of temporal logics has been established as a sound technique for verifying properties of hardware
systems. We have developed an automated technique for formalizing the semi­formal SCR requirements
and for transforming the resultant formal specification onto a finite structure that a model checker can
analyze. This technique was effective in uncovering violations of system invariants in both an automobile
cruise control system and a water­level monitoring system.
1 Introduction
A software requirements document is usually the first specification of a system's required behavior.
Errors in this document are difficult and expensive to correct if propagated to the design phase (or worse,


Source: Atlee, Joanne M. - School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences